Constance Studer


Published work

“Inscape,” South Dakota Review, Volume 45, Number 4, University of South Dakota, (April, 2008).

“Are You Okay? Yes, I’m Okay,” SLAB: Sound and Literary Art Book, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, (Spring, 2007).

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Book Reviews

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Short Stories

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Honors and Awards

Writer’s residency at Hedgebrook Cottages, 1992.

Grant for poetry writing from the Neodata Foundation, 1990.

Katherine Sharp Rachlis Memorial grant from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, 1988.

Writer’s Residency, Ucross Foundation, 1988.

Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder grant, 1988.

Associate in poetry, Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute, 1987 to 1988.

First place winner, Embers poetry competition,
nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 1986.

Selected Works

Creative nonfiction-Essays
Body Language: First of All Do No Harm
Body Language is a wake-up call to American medical professionals to rethink the Hippocratic dictum: "First of all, do no harm." Studer uses her family's stories to illustrate larger ethical dilemmas in which modern medicine is embroiled. Medical treatments are given with the presumption they will help, but her father's prefrontal lobotomy caused irreversible brain damage. Studer's Hepatitis B immunization caused systemic lupus. There are studies showing a link between the autism epidemic and the use of thimerosol as a preservative in vaccine preparation.
Prayer To A Purple God
"These are sharp-edged, dark poems that speak a dangerous truth about the health of humans in these hard times of our earth. They reflect the changed landscape, the changed life of the body of woman, the body of God, the body of this land with its newly hazardous terrain. Yet there is light here, water, air, prairie grasses, and heart. These are poems to pay attention to, about what it means when health slips like a ring from earth's finger."
--Linda Hogan, author of Solar Storms, Dwellings, A Spiritual History of the Living World and The Book of Medicines.


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